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Experienced Chimney Sweep in Cheshire

I have extensive knowledge of Cheshire and take bookings for chimney sweeps in a variety of towns, villages and countryside homes across the county.

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  1. Hi. I have a Victorian mid-terraced house with 4 chimney pots, 1 open fireplace and 1 closed off fireplace. The latter has a steel plate screwed up under the chimney opening.
    Can you give me a quote for cleaning.


    1. Hi Steve,
      I charge £45 per chimney,the four chimney pots will be two downstairs and two bedroom fireplaces,the two bedroom ones will probably be sealed or capped off so generally don’t need doing.By the sound of things we can definitely sweep one downstairs fireplace and I’d have to look at the one with the plate attached to see if we can get access.


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