How often Do I Need My Chimney Sweeping?

“Do I Need My Chimney Sweeping?”

This is a question I get asked quite often – and every answer is different…

This is because every chimney is different and the frequency you should have your chimney swept is dependent on;

  • Fuel type
  • Duration of use
  • How much moisture your wood holds
  • Type of chimney

Smokeless Fuel = At least once a year

coal-893208_640 (1)

Wood = Quarterly


Bituminous Fuel = Quarterly


Oil = Once a year


Gas = Once a year

fireplace gas

Does a Chimney Sweep Make a Mess?

The simple answer is no. With over 30 years of experience, I am aware of the potential damage that can be created when a chimney sweep is taking place. That is why it is important to ensure all procedures are followed closely to ensure we leave the customers’ house exactly as it were found. Many returning customers continually tell me that they wouldn’t have noticed I had been.

To find out yourself, head over to my testimonials page and see what my previous customers have to say

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